What is blog WOW?
WOW of each country is administered in each independently.
Each country gathers, and blog WOW is formed.
Therefore blog WOW becomes a new Blog form.
Purpose of "WOW" is interchange of people of a lot of countries.

Characteristic of blog- WOW.
WOW blog of each country gathers in WOW.
Therefore your information is sent to the world and can get a lot of information.
There is an obstacle of a language by communication with a foreign country. WOW covers existing translation software and a language of some countries in free translation.
WOW can do the use by all genres including business.
Oneself can appeal to the country of the world.
And, it has sharing the hobby and sense of values, exchanges, information exchanges, and our characters and WOW has the unlimited potential in the country of the world according to the purpose of me of sending etc.
The company is advertised to the world, and it is in the development of the business such as the advertisements of the commodity and partners in the foreign country and there is an unlimited potential in WOW.
The culture of the home country can be sent to the foreign country. And, WOW greatly contributes to mutual development of the culture because it can receive the culture of the foreign country.
The arts such as own painting, designs, and forming can be sent to the foreign country.
WOW greatly contributes to mutual development of the art because it can send
the world own talent.
Interchange with people
WOW can easily exchange information for the world.
Therefore, WWW has the unlimited potential by own purpose.
A current participating nation is Japan / Russia / China.
WOW lets world blog by participation of a lot of countries develop from now on
Inquiry about WOW participation

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