Link example of being free of charge automatic translation site.


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*Translation site link isn't a thing to guarantee a translated text.
Please do the use of link site in responsibility of oneself.

About language translation

The member who agreed to an agreement can use free translation service.

Free translation service to support.  Japanese ⇔ Russian

Free translation translates the language that a user was chosen among a translation category by option.
.Free translation is once in one member in a day.
One time of free translation:
By a Japanese letter, it is around 500 characters.
By a Russian letter, it is around 700 characters.
A sentence after it isn't translated.
A translated sentence is mentioned under the text of a page of a member.

Translation service:
A volunteer translates it free. Therefore it isn't fixed a period of translation. Please understand it.
Free translation service doesn't do translation of a text of the field of specialty in text translation of general daily life conversation degree.
This site doesn't guarantee the accurate nature of a translated text. Please take advantage of it after approving it.
Please judge the use of free translation service by responsibility of a user.

Free translation service is only the text of blog.
A text except the text does the advice of the use of existing automatic translation software.

The language of other countries and a text of English writings do the advice of the use of existing automatic translation software.

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