Privacy policy 

Our company decide privacy policy as follows.
A member has a right to turn one's personal information into a secret.
In that case, there is the case that one copy of member service can't use.
When a member tells you about one's information, please offer it after understanding this privacy policy.

1. About listening comprehension of personal information.
Our company keep a law and hear personal information of a member by a right method.

2. About the use of personal information.
Our company use personal information at the time of following.
*For confirmation of a member.
*For a questionnaire.
*In order to convey new information.
*In order to send information regularly.(an applicant.)
*In order when it is necessary, to contact a member.

3. About disclosure of information.
Personal information of a member uses "service and guidance" as a purpose.
In addition, personal information of a member doesn't disclose it to other people besides the following case
*When a member admitted it.
*When it was admitted by a law.
*When collaborating in an approved thing by a law.
*When being emergency to be related to life of a person.
*When needing it for the service that a member hopes for.
*When when a member violated a use agreement, keeping a right of our company.
*When a company except WOW does part of work of WOW.
*In this case our company and this company do a contract to keep a secret of a member.
*When a related company answers an inquiry of a member.

4. About management of personal information.
Our company manage personal information by a high level.

5. Respect of a right.
When a member hoped for "a correction and elimination" of personal information, our company execute "a correction and elimination".

6. About a change of privacy policy.
There isn't an agreement of a member, and our company can change contents of privacy.
When a member can't agree to contents for change of privacy policy, a member please withdraw from this service.

7. An other attention matter.
Our company manage personal information of a member by a high level.
A member has duty to manage one's information by a high level.
*By this service, the information that a member wrote in blog by oneself becomes open information. Other users can watch this information.
*This service includes a link to the other site that a member rode.
Therefore please manage it by one's responsibility of a member when writing personal information.

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